Our Standards

  • Clean design
  • Unified layout
  • Standard coding rules
  • Internationalization
  • Accessibility

The web design is only a part of our outsourcing services that focuses on web sites, web applications as well as related services like graphics design, layout creation and web sites maintenance.

We have some of the best web designers that you can work with. With excellent design skills and understanding of web programming they are the perfect companion to your web site or web application team.

Our team is able to design everything from a simple web page to complex web applications that you can publish in your Intranet or in the Internet. No matter of what the job is, we follow several rules:

  • clean design - we do not create cluttered pages that confuse the user with heavy graphics or big flash animation; we want to present the user the information that he is looking for in the easiest and ergonomically way we can
  • easy navigation - we like to present the user a clean and easy-to-use navigation interface so that he can easily navigate the sites and web applications
  • usability - a site or a web application is useless if the user cannot use it or if he finds it very difficult to use it, so we try to make it as easy as possible for the user: few clicks, simple forms, on screen instructions, tool tips etc.
  • accessibility - we try to help the users with disabilities to use those sites and applications by using the standard techniques like tool tips for images, high contrast and clear display without fancy cascading style sheets as well as printer friendly pages for the important pages
  • unified and consistent layout - sites we do have a consistent look through all the pages creating a strong feeling of unity
  • internationalization (multi-language) - depending on the customer requests, out sites and applications are internationalization-ready
  • standard coding rules - no matter what type of code we do, we follow the standard coding rules as well as the standard code formatting rules which enables us and other developers to easy understand the code and be able to "jump in" very fast

If you want to find out more details please contact us.